Plan a Holiday party like a proA few simple tips to make your holiday party flawless

Hosting a party can create all kinds of stress. From questions of how to decorate, to wondering what to serve, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it’s your turn to host. With the right amount of planning and preparation, you can be fully prepared for any gathering! As the holiday party approaches, follow these tips and tricks to ensure every party you host is chic and memorable.

* Photo from Crate and Barrel

First step: Food and Meal Prep

 When it comes to feeding large groups, the key is to prepare most of your food ahead of time. By meal prepping beforehand, you’ll get the most out of your party and be fully present with your guests all night instead of spending your entire party stressing in the kitchen. We recommend picking food that you can get done ahead of time that doesn’t require much last minute attention.

* Photo from Kraft Recipes

Second step: Decor and Decorations

The best way to decorate for a holiday party, is to choose decorations that use fresh flowers, garlands, and greenery. We recommend that you pick up a couple center pieces and build around those pieces. Make sure you stick to the same color scheme.  You can throw a few festive pillows on your living room furniture to bring the holiday spirit into your home. Even small dashes of white and gold accents can add a festive and chic flair to your space with minimal effort.

* Photo from Sugar and Pie

Third step: Ambiance & Mood

Next, think about setting the ambience for your holiday party. If your party is in the evening, turn off your overhead lights and set the mood with candles and and holiday lights for a warm and glowing ambience. Holiday candles are perfect to set the mood and scent, but make sure its not to overbearing of a scent.

* Photo from Crate and Barrel

Final step: Enjoy!

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At the end of the day, the most important tip is to remember to enjoy your own party! As the party starts and all of your hard work and planning is over, take the time to relax and enjoy the party with your guests.