How To “Spice” Up Your Corporate Event3 Creative Ways to Engage Your Audience

Here at Gabi Events, you would think that we were living in a Fall advertisement in the middle of the Midwest – not California! Our office is decorated with pumpkins galore, oversized sweaters becoming our daily wardrobe, all while sipping on our Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Well, even if we live in California, we can still pretend for a few weeks that Fall weather is approaching, right? The first official day of Fall is just around the corner, September 22nd to be exact! Insert all things colored leaves, sweet cinnamon candles, & everything caramel apples!

At Gabi Events, we are busy this Fall gearing up for all things weddings, photo shoots, birthday parties, and corporate events. Speaking of the start of Fall, there really is no better time to “spice” things up than now! With most companies approaching their busy seasons right before the holidays, it is crucial that you take time to make sure your corporate event is on point to keep your employees, customers, and guests engaged throughout the entire experience. After spending months confirming your keynote speakers, vendors, catering, and entertainment, the last thing you think you need to worry about is keeping your guests engaged. Well, this is where we come in! Below are 3 creative ways to add some “spice” to your next corporate event. Put on your warm sweater and curl up by the fire (or pretend to for those living in California) and get ready to change the way you view your next corporate event.

  1. Create an Interactive Live Social Media Feed – In today’s day and age, social media is a great tool to get your customers/employees/guests engaged immediately as soon as they step in the door. Create an event hashtag or username and have a live stream of your feed displaying on the screens for guests to actively engage on. Chances are your audience is already going to be glued to their phones, so why don’t utilize this tool to get your guests connected? The best part about using this tool is that it practically runs itself and costs next to nothing. Sold!
  2. Incorporate Photo Booths – Who doesn’t love a great photo of you and your favorite coworkers that you can display as a souvenir on your desk at work? Along with social media, photos are an easy way to engage your guests the minute they walk in the conference or company event. Place photo booths around the event location, including some fun props and signs, where your guests can either instantly receive a printout of their photo or can email theirs directly to themselves. This instant gratification is exactly what your audience is looking for. This is also a great marketing tool as you can place your conference or event logo at the bottom of the photos to ensure that your audience remembers where all the fun took place!
  3. Utilize Mobile Applications – More and more events are catching on to this trendy idea of incorporating mobile applications to their events. This is a great sell for many reasons, ensuring that their guests have all of the information that they may need for the entire event with the click of a button and all in one place. Mobile apps allow your given audience to engage on platforms, ask questions, and connect with popular vendors. They provide guests with dates, times, and event maps to ensure a successful event. Now, let me just locate the nearest Starbucks and we will be all set for the event to start!

By utilizing these three simple tools, your audience will leave your corporate event feeling connected, engaged, and with memories to last a lifetime! Allowing your guests to feel a part of the action is key to any event. They want to feel like they played a role in some way, shape, or form. With the use of live social media feeds, photo booths, and mobile apps, the audience is offered numerous platforms to engage with their fellow employees and customers. With the help of Gabi Events and these new platforms, your guests will leave with a new take on corporate events. So, grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte and get to work on “spicing” up your next corporate event!

*Photo By Alisa Anton