Things to avoid doing the week before your weddingPlan ahead and get these things done a couple weeks before your wedding!

Things NOT to do the week before your wedding! A couple months before your wedding start thinking about these things and getting them done in advance. A little planning will make your special day all that much better and you will be looking flawless!

– Choosing and practicing your first dance –

Another thing you don’t want to leave to the week before your wedding, especially if you have two left feet!

– Writing your vows –

Don’t leave your vows/speech writing until the week before your wedding – you’ll be swamped finalising everything else and you don’t want to be up late the night before your wedding trying to scrounge together your vows! These His and Hers vows books are the perfect reminder to get going on your vows!

 – Last Minute RSVP’s –

 Try to finalize your guest list at least a couple of weeks before your big day. Don’t waste time chasing up RSVPs and sorting your seating arrangements in the week leading up to your wedding.

 – The fine details –

Details like wedding favors, name cards, guest books, reception decorations and your running sheet can all be organized well before your big day. Don’t add unnecessary stress by leaving these things to the final week! We love these agate stone name cards, not only are they name cards but also great guest favors.

  – Facial treatments –

While every bride wants glowing skin on her big day, facial treatments in the week of your wedding can be risky as you might break out or have a reaction to the treatment. Instead, we recommend having your facial treatments a couple of weeks before your wedding day.

 – Drinking –

For glowing radiant skin, keep the wine consumption to a minimum. Not only does booze dry out your skin it also might make it hard to shed those couple lingering lbs. Stay hydrated!

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 – Late nights –

Get as much beauty sleep as possible in the week leading up to your big day, despite how busy you might be. This is vital to ensure you’re looking your best and to avoid bags under your eyes. Makeup can only do so much!

 – New skincare and beauty products –

Don’t mess with your daily beauty routine or introduce new cleansers or creams, you don’t know how your skin will react! Stick to your usual routine in the week leading up to your wedding.

 – Hair cut and color –

The week before your wedding is not the time to experiment with a new hair style or color, and we all know that a haircut can take a few weeks to settle. We suggest getting your hair trimmed a month before your big day and if you’re getting your hair colored, at least a couple of weeks before the day.

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