Women’s Equality DayCelebrating Women in Business

“When we invest in women, we invest in the people who invest in everyone else. So when we match their commitment with our own, great things are possible”  – Melinda Gates 

As the saying may go, “behind every successful man is a woman,” but here at Gabi Events we beg to differ. It’s not that we don’t believe that there is a successful woman behind every man (because let’s be real, there is), it’s just that we believe in our own saying that “behind every successful woman is another successful woman cheering her on.” The point is not about who is behind another person (man or woman), the point should be who is standing next to one another. In today’s society, there is so much emphasis on who is “at the top,” when we should rather be caring about who is “at the bottom” lifting one another to the top.

There is no denying that women are bringing their A game when it comes to business, especially women running small businesses. At Gabi Events, we pride ourselves on celebrating our vendors, colleagues, clients, family and friends, both male and female, who help us achieve our timeless events. Without their help and support, we would not be where we are today. In fact, most of our events would not be achieved if it weren’t for the support and efforts of other women run companies. From floral design to photography to hair/makeup, we depend on other women in business to all work towards our common goal of creating the perfect event, leaving a lasting impression and unforgettable experience for our clients. If women and men in business continue to encourage, celebrate, and support other women in business, there is simply only positive outcomes as a result. Collaboration over competition, always.

At Gabi Events, we believe women should be celebrated everyday, but especially today on Women’s Equality Day. So today, take time to raise a glass to the “cheerleaders” and inspiring women in your life who stand beside you, rather than against you.

Cheers to you, ladies!


Photo by Suhyeon Choi