Yummy and Pretty DIY Food Stations For Any PartyThese party bars will get your mouth watering!

Don’t get us wrong: We love a family-style potluck as much as the next person. But, the DIY bar setup allows you to relieve yourself of some of the serving duties while creating a festive focal point. To inspire your next party, we’ve rounded up some of our faves. Scroll on!

A taco bar is one of the easiest ways to feed a large group of people and keep it super casual and fun. It works just as well for a daytime or dinnertime gathering!

*Photo from, Apple Brides

Gathering for brunch? A bagel bar with lots of options and all the fixings ensures everyone is a happy camper.

*Photo from, What’s Gaby Cooking

Want to make your spread seem utterly bountiful, without committing to hour-long preparations? Stock up on all sorts of bruschetta toppings, arrange in the manner of an Italian feast, and watch everyone go to town. Easy peasy.

*Photo from, My Domaine

Ideal for a ladylike affair like a bridal or baby shower, a yogurt parfait bar is simple to pull together, easy on the eyes, while also health-conscious!

*Photo from, The Tom Kat Studio

Okay, how fun is this? Ensure your churro bar feels elegant, rather than campy, by keeping the palate of decorations creamy and minimalist.

*Photo from, Celebrations at home

Though a sushi bar may sound intimidating, it’s actually totally accessible: Good, fresh takeout sushi arranged beautifully will excite all your guests. Just make sure to keep it chilly (spoiled sushi does not make a party successful).

*Photo from, Style Me Pretty

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